Top 7 Cryptocurrencies with the potential to explode 10x in 2022

1. EncrypGen EncrypGen is a crypto which operates on the Ethereum Platform.

2. Zigcoin The Zignaly Ecosystem is powered by this Zig Token and has great potential in 2022

3. Monoloth An alternative for banking and is decentralized in nature with a potential of storing Ethereum based token

4. VIBE Vibe as a crypto operates in Ethereum platform and is operating under 2 active market.

5. LockTRIP A travel market place based on blockchain which provide the 60% saving opportunities.

6. Epik Protocol Epik Protocol is associated in building a decentralized ultra large scale knowledge graph.

7. PlayDapp PlayDapp token is a part of the PlayDapp Blockchain gaming ecosystem for NFT purchase and trade.